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Best advice for someone who wants to be better at recognizing emotions.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Meditation Story by Claire

I used to ignore my feelings. It lasted until adulthood. As a result, I always felt stuffy and my emotions were out of control.

Meditation helped me reflect on my life and understand why I ignored my feelings.

I realized my stress began in my mother's womb when my mother received stress from her mother-in-law. My dad didn't really understand my mom's feelings either. Due to my mother's painful feelings that I had to feel at the time, I think I was afraid of being born. My fear was that I would have to live a painful life after I was born. I was born after the due date. I heard that I had an umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.

My deep-rooted fear made every single moment of my life a series of fears. I lived a life that produced those fears. It reached a point where I was unable to handle it myself. Thankfully, meditation saved me from that.

Meditation was a method where I was able to release those tied emotions one by one. As part of the process, I learned not to suppress my feelings anymore and let them out while understanding why they are false. As a result, I realized that there is nothing bad about any feelings.

I'm now used to looking back and throwing away without ignoring my feelings. Life becomes enjoyable and grateful. Above all, the better I understand my feelings, the better I can understand others' feelings, which leads me to a mature life.

When you want to cry, the false mind that crying is embarrassing, or crying weakens you won't make you cry.

When you are angry, the false mind that being angry is bad makes you suppress your anger. You therefore miss the opportunity to understand yourself and let go of your anger.

If you criticize yourself for being jealous of someone, then the negative feelings will be trapped in your mind.

When you are able to recognize your feelings right away, you will be able to find your true self. Ultimately, you will be the best person to answer your questions.

I hope you will honestly acknowledge your feelings and live a fulfilled life.


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