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I can now take action on what I planned instead of just thinking about it

Meditation story in everyday life

If we do not put things into action, nothing can be done. There will be no results. I am sharing how I have changed in taking action through meditation.

I used to have countless thoughts and plans. So, my mind was always so noisy. I wasn’t able to have a quiet moment, not even a second.

'Can I make it right?’

I got worried and caught up with thoughts in advance and ended up getting exhausted and giving up before even getting started.

After doing this meditation, I was able to reflect on myself. I found various shapes of myself: myself wanting to be good at things and to be acknowledged, myself failing to take action and just lying in bed and myself regretting doing it.

I've also realised that the reason why I couldn't put it into action is because of the countless thoughts I had.

I threw away all the thoughts and myself who was caught up in thoughts.

The more I discarded, the clearer my mind became. My body got lighter and lighter. Then I was able to put what I planned into action one by one.

Since then, I got a driver’s licence, got a job and obtained certificates!

I used to do all the thinking. Meditation changed me. I am now capable of taking actions and achieving great results.


Would you like to learn how to put things into practice?

Meditation enables you to take action without just sitting and thinking.

If you'd like to find out more about our meditation method, feel free to join our free intro session, available online, six days a week.

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