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How to be free from bad habits

We live as slaves to many habits. We know that a habit is a pattern of behavior that is fixed by frequent repetition of behavior. To become free from the enslavement of this habit, we must first understand about it more deeply.

What is habit?

The habits we have are things we have accumulated through our lives but before that, there are things we have inherited from our ancestors since we were born. So the moment we are born, we begin to live in the world with a body in which all the minds, emotions, and life patterns experienced by our ancestors are stored in trillions of cells. The life we live is determined based on the database we were born with.

How can we find the root of our habits?

The root of every habit is a ’Thought’. Because of this thought of ‘I want to drink alcohol’, ‘drinking behavior’ occures. And if you repeat that behavior, it becomes a habit, and if you continue the habit, eventually it becomes your life, your destiny. Not only smoking or drinking habits, but habits like negative thinking, judging people, and repeating self-destructive relationships can be also habits.

At the root of all such habits there is a certain thought or mind. Habits cannot be changed unless the root of the mind is eliminated. If the root is not removed, the branch will grow again.

As such, a habit should not change itself, but rather destroy its root. If you have a habit you want to change, or want to get rid of a hidden habit that you haven't noticed yet, I recommend meditation that makes it possible to get rid of it.

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