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How to improve concentration and stay focused during study?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Meditation Story by Lucy

Concentration and focus were major problems for my daughter. No matter how hard she tried, she was always unable to focus in school, so she was constantly distraught, anxious, and depressed. Due to her poor concentration, her pediatrician would even recommend ADHD medication. When I walked into her room to give her some snacks when she was studying, she would fidget and doodle all over her workbook and homework instead of doing her homework.

At parent-teacher conferences, her teachers expressed concern that she wasn't paying attention during lectures, which affected her grades. Upon entering high school, my daughter was concerned that her concentration issues would continue to hinder her grades and that she would be rejected from her dream schools.

We decided that something had to be done to improve her concentration. So I asked her if she would like to attend this meditation center with me. By that time, I had been meditating at this center for almost a decade, and I knew it enhanced my concentration, so I suggested she try it, too.

According to the meditation guide, humans are incomplete as they live in their mind worlds rather than the real world. Our eyes, noses, mouths, ears, and fingers take countless pictures, which we store in our brains like a living, breathing camera. People have difficulties concentrating because these 'pictures' we take are constantly clouding our brains, making them incapable of focusing their full attention on just one task.

For my daughter, there were so many of these images of her lived life and thoughts, which prevented her from concentrating or focusing, whether it was during school or at other times. We have to let go of all these thoughts and become the universe and live in the real world in order to become complete.

In time, my daughter learned how to throw away her cluttered minds to become the universe mind, and she no longer struggles with concentration.

From this meditation, she was finally able to focus on her daily activities because she no longer had all of these irrelevant and distractive thoughts running through her head 24/7.

My daughter is now a senior in high school. Thanks to this meditation method, she has an extremely strong concentration, and excels in her studies. While she was unable to even focus on one line of a children’s book in the past, she is now in the top 5% of her competitive high school’s graduating class with a 4.5 GPA as an AP scholar with Honors, a Questbridge National College Match Finalist, a Coca Cola Scholars Foundation Semifinalist, and a National Honors Society Scholar.

Now that she no longer suffers from concentration issues, her grades are now top-tier, so she no longer feels worried or anxious about being able to pursue her dreams in the medical field. And best of all, because of this meditation method, not only is her concentration strong, but she hardly ever gets stressed or anxious even in this competitive race towards college admissions - she is always happy, always sporting a huge smile on her face!

To the parents who are worried about their students or even to any students that are reading this: if you’re wondering how to improve you or your child’s concentration and you feel skeptical or hesitant, please trust me and my daughter’s growth and just go for it. I hope that whoever is reading this is able to experience all of these benefits of meditation.


Would you like to improve your concentration and focus?

Meditation can help!

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